On Tuesday 12th May, with assistance from Boxer Super Stores Alexandra, Haval and Rays of Hope distributed 152 nutritious Food Parcels into Alexandra. Each food parcel will feed a family of 5 for a month and included essential food items like rice, cake flour, maize meal, samp, oil and more. Keeping vulnerable people fed amid […]


On March 27, the commemorative ceremony titled “Marvelous H6, Champion for Ten Years in a Row–All Here to Share the Honor of 3 Million” was initiated digitally on dozens of domestic platforms simultaneously, with HAVAL and customers worldwide getting together to witness the moment of glory. Since the launch in 2011, the HAVAL H6, a […]


Recently, GWM launched HAVAL JOLION in Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Chile and is about to unveil the 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 in Ukraine. Built on “L.E.M.O.N.”, an intelligent modular platform, the two new models will introduce GWM L.E.M.O.N. DHT to the world for the first time, bringing new product experience to users around the […]

Happy Birthday Haval SA, but that’s not all…

Improving every day, little by little, that is the main driving force for South Africa’s number one Chinese motor manufacturer, it’s even imprinted on the facia of our headquarters in Baoding China. This is exactly what Haval South Africa has been doing since day 1 back in 2017 when we first opened their doors in […]

H6 Generation 3 hits South African shores

What is a symphony? Well a symphony is an elaborate musical composition for a full orchestra. What is the all new HAVAL H6? An elaborate mobility composition for any driver. The all new HAVAL H6 is the latest incarnation of a product that has been number 1 in its segment in the biggest automobile market […]

HAVAL H6, a Hot Seller for 10 Years, Leading More Than One Generation

On August 27, the ceremony of the 10th anniversary of GWM’s HAVAL H6 for global enthusiasts was held at Chengdu Open Air Music Park, China. On the ceremony, apart from a review on the progress and achievements of HAVAL H6 over the past ten years, the two new-generation vehicles, HAVAL H6 Supreme+ and HAVAL H6S […]

Haval Motors SA introduces a NEW GENERATION STEED for 2022

South Africa’s number one Chinese bakkie brand rejuvenates their trusted Steed range After decades of service to the South African SOE, fleet and business customers, as well as leisure and lifestyle customers seeking a utility vehicle that truly is a versatile workhorse, Haval Motors SA (HMSA) is happy to announce that a new and upgraded […]

Striking Haval H6 GT set to launch in South Africa soon!

Exactly a year after being revealed in China, the Haval H6 GT is set to launch in South Africa in early September and some vehicles have already been spotted on local shores. But what is it? The Haval H6 GT has a completely different exterior design to the regular H6, with sharp, coupe-inspired lines that […]

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